Waiting List T&Cs

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Please find below an outline the waiting list T&Cs for 1st Toton Scout Group:

Register of interest:  

This is a list comprising of all members that are under the age of 6. 

Due to the popularity of 1st Toton, we recommend that children register their interest from 5 years of age to ensure they receive a space as close to their 6th birthday as possible. We operate at maximum capacity, where practicable, to ensure nobody is kept waiting longer than necessary. 

Waiting list:

Names on the register of interest will automatically be transferred to the waiting list in registration order.

A child becomes eligible to be included on the waiting list as follows:

Beavers – at the start of the school term that they turn 6 years of age.

Cubs – at the start of the school term that they turn 8 years of age.

Scouts – at the start of the school term that they turn 10.5 years of age.

Available places will be offered to the next eligible child at the top of the waiting list, except for the following priorities outlined within our Sponsorship agreement with St Peter’s Church.  

Membership of the Group is open to any person who may become a Member of The Scout Association as laid down in POR. The order of priority for accepting new youth members will be:

  1. Any existing member of The Scout Association who needs to transfer from their existing Group. 
  2. Siblings of existing Group members
  3. Applicants from young people living within the Parish of Toton
  4. Any other applicant

All applications to the Waiting List should be completed via www.1sttoton.org.uk 

1st Toton Scout Group has a parent rota and asks that parents be willing to help when requested. 

If you are interested in becoming a uniformed leader, please let us know – this may assist us in reducing our waiting list. 

Information Updated: 08/02/2020

‘Survival can be summed up in three words – never give up.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout